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SceneSampler: A collaborative alternative controller game for exploring a social space or event!

SceneSampler is a collaborative game for two that gives players a fun reason to move together through the social space, capturing interesting traces of the sociospatial scene at a festival. Each player gets a tech-enabled prop: one wears a ‘camera’ with an embedded tablet and the other carries a sound ‘sampler’ built using Adafruit components. Players get collection challenges (e.g. find a silent crowd) that require them to collaborate to fill up the sampler with the ambient noise at the scene and take a snapshot of the social scene itself. Then, they return to home base to share what they found with a human game master. Successful samples are marked on a map of the festival’s space with a sticker for that particular challenge. Over time, the map builds up a layer of stickers, visualizing a meaningful social soundscape of the festival. Images taken are also uploaded onto social media for interested festival goers to see the locations of various social sounds.

SceneSampler was an Official Selection for Come Out & Play 2017 and IndieCade 2017.