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Edward Melcer

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I am an independent game developer, director of the Alternative Learning Technologies and Games (ALT Games) Lab, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Computational Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am also the Vice Chair for the UCSC Professional Masters in Serious Games. My primary teaching and research interests are at the intersection of games, human-computer interaction, and learning science where I explore the usage of novel interfaces, alternative controllers, embodiment, and physical gameplay mechanics to enhance learning outcomes and related social/emotional factors in educational games. I.e., how do we properly design educational technology that utilizes physical bodily action to evoke more effective learning outcomes? I am also a game studies scholar, conducting large-scale meta-analyses to better understand overall trends within games research and industry. My serious games have won awards in venues such as the 2016 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge and 2nd Annual Games for Learning Design Competition. Similarly, my independent games have been featured in a number of venues such as the 2021 Makers Play Showcase, IndieCade 2019, IndieCade 2017, Come Out & Play 2017, IndieCade East 2016, Come Out & Play 2015, 2013 World Science Festival, and MoMA.

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