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2017 Spring Quarter at UCSC
CMPM/ARTG 179-02 Alternative Controllers

Alternative Controllers: Designing Beyond the Joystick

Alternative Controllers: Designing Beyond the Joystick provides an introduction to physical computing and interaction design for students interested in building alternative physical interfaces for games, toys, and other interactive experiences. In the course, students will study and discuss examples of existing interfaces, brainstorm various scenarios the technology can be used in, and apply that knowledge towards the design/creation of their very own alternative interfaces. In order to build their own interfaces, students will learn how to build prototypes that utilize a variety of switches and sensors in tandem with Arduino and Processing code to create novel interactions.

Below are a few videos of some particularly fantastic games that came out of students' final projects in the course:

The syllabus for the course is available here.

Playable Fashion Workshop

Playable Fashion

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Creativity in Engineering, Science, and Technology (CrEST)


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