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3D printers are simultaneously becoming more powerful and more affordable, which inspired us to explore the possibilities for integrating them into gameplay in new and exciting ways! Generation is a novel tangible game experience that uniquely harnesses 3D printer technology in real-time to help players understand the process of biological evolution. In this game, players use game pieces that are printed between turns to assemble physical representations of evolving creature designs. The game scans and assesses the creatures design to show information about its effects on the ecosystem. We propose that using 3D printers to enable this physically interactive element of gameplay will encourage players to feel more engaged and provide them a more intuitive means of problem solving and learning the educational content. The objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible in an ever-changing environment. Ultimately, this game will help players discover how to thrive in the environment by preserving the balance of the ecosystem.

Elements of Generation including a 3D printer, computer vision scanning of tangibles, and a digital simulation

Check out the full game explanation video below:

Generation world map with four unique biomes to play in
Generation desert biome
Generation forest biome
Generation tropical biome
Generation tundra biome

Generation: Can you successfully evolve your creature to survive in four unique biomes?

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