Veterinarian's Hospital: Ruff Day

At Veterinarian's Hospital, our motto is "fake it 'til you make it". Armed only with a lab coat, stethoscope, and your charming smile, use a variety of emergency lifesaving procedures to prevent Bark the dog from meeting a grave fate.

Please save Bark!

Veterinarian's Hospital: Ruff Day is a single player game designed for a custom built stuffed animal alternative controller. Experience fast-paced, quick reaction gameplay inspired by Bop It styled audio games. Save Bark the dog by performing 1 of 3 lifesaving techniques in a limited time frame: CPR, Cardio Pulmonary Thump, and checking for a pulse. Players earn 'life points' for each correct action, and with enough points Bark might just pull through. However, fail to do the correct move in time and Bark is in for a Ruff Day.

Veterinarian's Hospital: Ruff Day has been featured at the New York City 2015 Come Out & Play Festival and in newspapers such as the Brooklyn Paper.

Sensors in our stuffed animal alt ctrl

During gameplay, the player will be instructed to perform various lifesaving techniques. Bark is equipped with three different sensors to detect the various forms of input the player can provide:

The digital game portion of Veterinarian's Hospital: Ruff Day consists of audio and visual instructions for which input the player will use on Bark, the stuffed animal alternative controller. As players accumulate more points and progresses further into the game, they have less time to successfully complete an action. If they player earns enough points (the exact amount is a secret) then Bark can be saved! Watch the playthrough on the right to see how the game works, and the interaction between digital game and stuffed animal alternative controller.

Starting the game Taking the pulse